Green Girls Golf Caddies: The sexy side of the course

There is a caddy for everything. There's one to turn to Augusta , and there's another one not to go unnoticed. There is a caddy to lower your handicap and one that undermines the level of concentration in the field. The second is the risk run by those who, in the United States, decided to hire a girl GreenGirlsGolf to play 18 holes.

"Our girls are charming, beautiful and knows the sport and its rules" reads the description of the online service. Between a green fee and the other, these young people have in the curriculum also different experiences. If necessary, working as a hostess in both sports events in several charitable initiatives.

Caddy, from passion to profession

The idea is to Sophia Manolis . "The project was born after working as a professional in some private routes" explains Golfando . "So - he says - I thought I turn my passion into a business form made of beautiful and good girls on a golf course".

Weekend after weekend tour of clients has expanded. Now GreenGirlsGolf  is booming: " I'm sixteen girls on duty - reveals Sophia - and the number will increase. I open a branch in Arizona. Do any of them have played golf in college, not someone else. "

There are four online bookable package (Basic, Plus, Premium and Party).

Sofia Manolis