Confessions of a Green Girl: Stephanie M.

By: GGG Staff & Stephanie M.


GGG:  In a few sentences please provide a bio about what you were doing before you joined Green Girls Golf?

SM:  Before and after joining Green Girls Golf I was a full time college student working towards my current degree, which I now have in Business administration along with a minor in Italian.  On my off days I enjoy working out, playing music, and of course going to the beach.


GGG:  Please describe the first time you were contracted as a Green Girl to caddy with a group?

SM:  The first time caddying for me was for a bachelor party.  I didn’t know what to expect at first.  The guys were super fun and nice! My group even let me drive a few balls!  Since my first event three years ago I have learned so much more about golf just from watching and being with the golfers first hand.


GGG:  What was one of the funniest stories you have about being a caddy for Green Girls Golf?

SM:  At one of my more recent events I somehow managed to drive my golf cart onto a curb and get my cart totally jammed and stuck. All the guys had to lift me off! Lol.  At another event, my group decided it would be a good idea to flip over the golf cart and play mechanic.  Supposedly if you flip it over and play with the inside mechanics it will drive faster lol…NOT! Recipe for disaster!


GGG:  What would you tell someone considering hiring a Green Girl Golf Caddy?



GGG:  How has working with Green Girls Golf helped you as you work towards your future goals?

SM:  I’ve met so many awesome people and built solid relationships through caddying-both friends and potential job connections.  Meeting a complete stranger and than feeling like you’ve known them forever 18 holes later is great. 

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